Sports Toto 6D

Sports Toto 6D is a forecast game where you can buy in a number ranging from 000001 to 999999. There are all in all, 1,000,000 probabilities in this game. unlike the traditional 4D forecast games, there are no Big or Small forecasts. 6D is also slightly different from 5D which draws 3 numbers. 6D only draw one number which means winning might be harder but the payout are way higher than any of 4D and 5D.

The minimum placement for Sports Toto 6D is RM1 and winnings are exponentially calculated. The prize structure for Sports Toto 6D are:

First Prize Result: RM100,000

Second Prize Result : RM3,000 (where the first or last 5 digits matches the drawn number)

Third Prize Result : RM300 (where the first or last 4 digits matches the drawn number)

Fourth Prize Result : RM30 (where the first or last 3 digits matches the drawn number)

Fifth Prize Result : RM4 (where the first or last 2 digits matches the drawn number)

To play the game you must:

• Identify what number you want to place on. You can place on more than one number and at the amount that you wish. For example, you buy on the numbers 123456 and 444444.

• Determine the amount you would like to place on. In this case, you have placement of RM10 on 123456 and RM10 on the number 444444.

When the number is drawn, there is only 1 number to match it to. Assuming that the number 123456 is drawn. That means you have matched all 6 digits to the drawn number which means you are entitled to win:

RM10 x RM100,000 = RM1,000,000

If the number drawn is 234567, you will have matched the first 5 numbers in your placement. The last 5 numbers of your placement is 23456 which matches the first 5 numbers of the drawn number 234567. Therefore you have won the second prize which means your total winnings are:

RM10 x RM3,000 = RM30,000