Toto 4D

Sports Toto – 4D In Sports Toto, there is the standard conventional 4D game which are popular among most players. The Toto 4D game allows you to place a buy in the combination of 4 digits in any way that ranges from 0001 to 9999. The minimum play for the Toto 4D is RM1. You can buy any amount which is entirely up to you. The amount that you buy on will determine the winnings you are entitled exponentially. Typically, there are 2 forecasts available for you to place on. Big and Small forecasts, each have a different set of winnings altogether.

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You can use a number in any permutations available, the choice is up to you as there are 10,000 possibilities in this game. You can buy as many numbers as you like as long as they are 4 digit numbers. If you buy on Big Forecast, you will be entitled to win if the number is drawn in the Toto 4D results in any of the categories. If you buy on Small Forecast, you are only entitled for numbers drawn in the First, Second and Third prizes. You can also buy on both Big and Small forecasts and if your number is drawn in the top three results, then you are entitled to win both, but if your number is drawn in the Special and Consolation prizes, then you are only entitled to the Big Forecast win, while you lose the Small forecast buys. In order to try your luck on TOTO 4D, you have to: a.    determine the number(s) you wish to buy on. For instance, the number you want to pick on is 9999. b.    Determine the amount you would like to place on. For example, for the number 9999, you would like to place an RM5 c.    Determine which forecast you would like to place on, either in the TOTO Big Forecast, the TOTO Small Forecast or both. In this case, the buy for the number 9999 are RM5 for TOTO Big Forecast and RM5 on Small Forecast. The price structure for Sports Toto 4D results are as follow: Big Forecast 1st Prize            :     RM2,500 2nd Prize            :    RM1,000 3rd Prize            :    RM500 10 Special Prize        :    RM200 10 Consolation Prize    :    RM60 Small Forecast 1st Prize            :    RM3,500 2nd Prize            :    RM2,000 3rd Prize            :    RM1,000 Assuming that the number 9999 is drawn as the third prize result. Therefore you are now entitled to win both the Big and Small forecasts, which means your total winning results are: RM5 x RM500 (TOTO Big Forecast) + RM5 x RM1,000 (TOTO Small forecast) = RM2,500 + RM5,000 = RM7,500 If the number 9999 is drawn in the Consolation Prize results, then you are entitled to win only the Big Forecast and not the Small Forecast, which means your total winning results are: RM5 x RM60 = RM300 4D Results <- Latest Toto and 4d results